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of partners have customers in
200 countries

"More than 10.000 companies world wide rely on services distributed through RIG in the Nordics"
The RIG management

Preben Fjeld

Partner and

Jonas Axelsson


Stein Bemer

Country Manager

Kjell-Ola Kleiven

Partner and Chairman
of the board

Simon Woolley

MD/Country manager
United Kingdom

Ricky Bricen

Business Development
New Markets Manager
Taking care of risk, while you take care of business
A robust compliance programme has to adapt to changes in law and business policy. A solution-based approach requires the identification of risk that matches the need of the organization and the environment in which it operates. Let us help you find the right one.

Global risk and compliance in the local marketplace

Better safe, than sorry

Every year we reveal several
thousand false identities

A combination of modern technology and well
educated consultants, make us the leading
provider of Risk Information in Europe.