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ID Fraud

RIG provides first class ID fraud protection and fraud analysis

RIG provides first-class ID Fraud protection, and ID fraud analysis. In cooperation with Keesing we can also deliver automated ID-authentication systems including ID-scanners. Software and control units. RIG distribute exclusively for Keesing in the Nordics.


Keesing is the owner of Keesing Documentchecker Database: the world’s most comprehensive source of genuine ID documents and banknotes.
This database provides you authoritative access to information on ID documents and banknotes from over 200 countries and organizations.

It contains detailed descriptions and high-res images of thousands of passports, ID cards, driving licenses visas and banknotes. This unique source powers all Keesing’s authentication solutions. It offers you the possibility to, for example, perform additional checks by comparing an ID document to reference material retrieved from the reference database for ID documents.

To safeguard the quality of the database, Keesing closely cooperates with international government agencies.

A proactive Compliance approach

The successful expansion of multinational organizations into new markets brings an increase in compliance risk. Business practices that may be acceptable in some countries will result in prosecution under international anti-corruption legislation. Regulators expect thorough background checks to be carried out on partners, vendors, suppliers and others.

Our corruption and bribery solution

Our tested solution effectively ensures a consistent understanding of risk posed by business partners and potential acquisition targets.

The RIG tool includes:

  • Geopolitical Risk Ranking to understand risk exposure by country
  • Due Diligence Reports providing indepth background checks on business relationships
  • Risk Screening Database for rigorous and comprehensive screening
  • Our recommendations for further review where appropriate.

Typically in a comprehensive compliance programme key business relationships are reviewed twice a year to ensure information is kept current, with full background checks on all other relationships performed annually.

Find risk hiding in business relationships

Risk Screening reveals risk hiding in business relationships and human networks. Our solution is a comprehensive and widely adopted source of structured intelligence on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), heightened risk individuals and organisations.

Reputation and compliance

Reputational and brand damage is as devastating as breaching compliance legislation. Successful organisations around the world choose Bureau van Dijk to manage regulatory, financial and reputational risk. Our comprehensive screening service covers aspects such as Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) legislation as well as PEP monitoring.

Targeted risk screening

Risk Screening minimises the cost of compliance. Meticulously structured data and innovative features ensure the highest level of accuracy, saving our clients time and money.

What we do is very different

  • Truly global network - more than 350 research analysts based in 11 research centers across 5 continents
  • Local language research - our research team speaks more than 60 languages
  • Unparalleled investment - 750,000 man hours of research a year
  • Specialist research units - including Terrorism, Insurgency and Organized Crime
  • Widest coverage - over 300 sanction lists and 100,000s of information sources monitored
  • Early warning - high-risk entities identified months or years before they appear on government lists

In 2010 alone we had identified over 200 entities before they appeared on the US Government's OFAC list.

Screening options

A choice of access methods enables organizations of all sizes to use Risk Screening for compliance and remediation.

  • Hosted solution - multiple users can automatically screen high volumes of data where IT resources are limited
  • Server - seamlessly integrates with internal systems to automatically screen high volumes of data
  • Desktop - simple automated screening for a single user
  • Online - single name manual screening through the RCD portal, includes a geopolitical risk score

A choice of access options will depend on client needs, speak to an advisor for more information
Through a wide range of tech solution we can provide you and your company with extensive knowledge and solutions to assist you in your daily risk management, either if it is counterpart control, ID fraud or other risk related areas.
At RIG we combine analytical skills and knowledge about the market with high tech solutions and databases. The key to our success is the wide range of tools that are used by professional Risk consultants at all RIG offices. Some of these solutions are also for sale as stand alone products.

GEO political analysis

Understand geopolitical risk with The Country-Check service delivers fast, objective ranking of geopolitical risk. It quantifies risk attached to customers and transactions based on country of origin, and is necessary for mergers and acquisitions, security of supply chain, cross border expansion and exploration, and production.

Used by organisations that actively manage risk, Country-Check is part of a structured approach to regulatory and reputational compliance.

Truly objective Country-Check aggregates more than 190 credible public domain sources of political, economic and criminal risk intelligence. This enables organisations to understand the risk profile of a country based on multiple factors.

Country-Check has many strategic applications, for example:

  • Global businesses expanding into new territories - stability of government, cost of labour
  • Product distributors - prevalence of counterfeiting
  • Multinationals reviewing agent agreements - corruption of government officials
  • Online payment processors - deficiency of Anti Money Laundering (AML) controls
  • Country-Check options
  • Comprehensive - Fully customisable, covering the entire range of available risk factors
  • Presets - Risk factors weighted for compliance with specific global legislation and regulation, for example Anti Money Laundering and Anti Corruption

Essential compliance steps

Where Country-Check indicates risk, your next step is to use the RCD Risk Screening Database for heightened monitoring and RCD Due Diligence Reports for thorough background checks.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports provide a detailed background check on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located in the world.
Background checks are a crucial feature of today's fast paced, globalized business environment. In many cases required by law, thorough and sophisticated due diligence checks can often stand between an organization and reputational and financial ruin.

Reports are used by organizations globally to enhance and simplify the due diligence process and protect against reputation damage. They form part of a best practice, risk based approach to due diligence. Their rapid turnaround and low cost contribute toward a considerable saving in time and money.

Our analysts are trained in proven due diligence techniques of gathering the right intelligent information from open sources, subscription-based services, and public records and documents. We adhere to strict research guidelines and, as a New York listed company, our procedures are subject to legislation such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA).

We have teams based in research centers across EMEA, Asia and the Americas which include native speakers of all key languages.

Known for the quality of our intelligence, our reports help people understand who they are really doing business with.

Common uses

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) programs as part of wider FCPA and UK Bribery Act compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program
  • Due diligence checks on intermediaries such as agents, distributors, consultants and advisors
  • Supply chain screening
  • Before a merger, acquisition or joint venture
  • When on-boarding high net worth or high profile clients
  • Immigrant Investor or Economic Residency programmes
  • When automated risk screening reveals risk
  • Where geopolitical risk analysis flags a transaction or individual as linked to a high risk country
  • As a key component of a comprehensive compliance programme
  • To enhance an existing compliance process, where resources are stretched

200+ research analysts
60+ languages
24/7 research coverage
400,000 research hours per year
400+ sanction lists monitored
240+ countries covered
5 specialist research units

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